About Campaign Earth

About Campaign Earth

Campaign Earth focuses on creating fun and easy ways for all of us to make a difference in the fight to stem climate change.  Recognizing we are all very busy and want to bring change to this complex issue, our straight forward actions enable us all to make a difference, one step at a time.

Sarah Lachance founded Campaign Earth in 2001, immediately following the birth of her first child.  Motivated by the overwhelming desire to protect the planet for all future generations, Campaign Earth was created.  For the first decade of its work, CE focused on a monthly challenge program that allowed people from around the country to take one step each month to lower their personal carbon footprint.  In addition to thousands of individuals taking the challenge, the program was implemented in schools, places of worship, and businesses around the U.S.

With its commitment to putting real solutions in action, Campaign Earth also organized fundraising efforts for renewable energy projects, including both solar pv and wind.

Recognizing that now is the time for massive collective action on climate justice and putting in place real solutions, Campaign Earth has created two exciting new projects for us all to take part in now.

The You’ve Got MY Whole World in YOUR Hands initiative is working to ensure that today’s youth will be the loudest voice heard in Paris this November and December when world leaders convene to address climate change.  By coming together to share images from around the world of youth standing up, demanding that their future be protected, world leaders will not be able to ignore our call for real action.
The reVOLter program recognizes it’s time we put ourselves in the driver’s seat as to how we create power and who benefits from it, because a system where some benefit and others are harmed is not a system to support.  Together, we will build the infrastructure to reshape our future.  With us all making small monetary pledges of $10 or more, we will install solar pv projects everywhere!